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    straight truck box size

    OK i"m an newbee....whats the largest box sold on a straight truck...any 32' or 36' boxes?

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    RE: straight truck box size

    Overall length of the truck may not exceed 40 feet. This will limit you to 29 or 30 feet depending on the BBC of the truck.
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    RE: straight truck box size

    That is, may not exceed 40 foot in some States. Ironically, States like North Carolina, Iowa, and many others with good roads and plenty
    of room limit you to 40 foot, others with restricting roads and postage stamp sized shipping lots like Vermont limit you to 46 foot,
    New Hampshire 45 foot etc. etc. Montana 55 foot, Wyoming 60 Foot and
    Nevada a whopping 70 Foot. Better stated Mr. Gunslinger would be, some of the Carriers limit their Contractor trucks to 40 foot. I have a 30 footer on mine and, you really don't need any more room. I
    have 18 skid spots on the floor providing the skids are 48X40. If I
    am doing a floor load, or blanket wrap load i'll gaurantee you it is a long way to the front. I suggest if you want one bigger, get one that hinges in the middle.:+

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    RE: straight truck box size

    Good way to put it, Colonel! Your truck is still the best I've driven yet.
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    RE: straight truck box size

    If you buy a Cab Over such as a Argosy you should be able to get a 30 foot box on without any problems.

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    RE: straight truck box size

    hi,i drive a 28' box truck cab over in the wash,dc metro area.most of your trucks have 22'/24' boxes on them.

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