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    Pay for cargo van drivers

    Can ,anyone give me on honest answer,on how much you can make driving a cargo van,Iam a hard worker and am goal oriented, i know the business has its up's and down's,but there are people out there that have been doing this for a while..I would appreciate your help,,thanx.......Storm777}>

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    RE: Pay for cargo van drivers

    The pay varies quite a bit. If a company driver, you would need
    to work overtime for good earnings. I knew people several yrs
    ago that had to work 50 hrs plus per week. Of course, cost of
    living has gone up since then, and the freight in general is at
    an all time slow period. Need I say more...!

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    RE: Pay for cargo van drivers

    honesty makes good friends.depending on where you live makes a big diffrence in expediting.northwest ohio is hot,just about anywhere in southern mi is hotter and northeast indiana is hot.so if you don't live in these areas i can not give an honest average pay.

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