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Thread: Catamaran building, in the backyard.

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    Catamaran building, in the backyard.

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    A friend of mine and I are in the process of building a 30 foot catamaran, and yes its in the backyard. One hull is finished, and the second one is ready to flip and start on the decks and so on. It is one zell of a project and it maybe next summer before this thing is in the water on the Tennessee River .

    When the catamaran is finished, plan B ( if we live that long), is to sail it to the Gulf of Mexico if we aren't run over by a barge or a Navy Destroyer. The pictures of the family of the site posted made one and it will look ( I hope look similar) to the one they built. It is going to be fun , well I,m hoping anyway. Am I a sailor, no, but we will learn on the job and have some friends that will show us the ropes,lol.

    To be continued as time goes by. Sky
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    Re: Catamaran building, in the backyard.

    Attachment 4866Attachment 4867Attachment 4868Attachment 4869Attachment 4870 crew of 2, 2hulls, 2 rudders, who is in charge, have not got that far yet, but we are booth sailing away soon to join the Navy, so to speak. Ain't life great, 2, 30 ft hulls, catamaran width 16 ftm hull hgt 8 ft, wgt 2500 lbs dry, mast 32 ft or so. where are we going, to the Gulf Of Mexico and the land of the pirates, if we live.
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