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  1. Wingnut
    Pelicn & are12: how are you making out with the green tea??
  2. pelicn
    I grabbed a few bags at one of the truckstops, but we still haven't made it to a grocery store!! So far, I love the stuff. I put 2 bags in a bottle of water and put it on the dash. Made "sun" tea in a few hours then placed in the fridge for a few hours. Wonderful change of pace!
  3. Wingnut
    Maybe it's just me but I've noticed that if I make it strong, it quenches my thirst better than any other drink.
  4. pelicn
    Finally made it to the grocery store ad got the Lipton caffeinated Green Tea. I love it!!
    I put 2 bags in a 20oz water bottle and it was strong enough. The only thing I find unnerving...is that it looks a little like those "bottles you see on the ground in truck stops"

    I just wonder...if I'm seen drinking it the reaction I might get.
  5. Wingnut
    I bet you'll get alot of double takes when they see you take a swig of your 'brew'! If you happen to see someone giving you a stare or strange look, make sure you ham it up a bit..take a swig, smack your lips, and say something like "nothing like drinking only natural." Bet you'd REALLY get some looks then!
    Glad that you like the tea. I hated it at first but now love the stuff.
  6. pelicn
    Hahahaha that would be good!
  7. Wingnut
    How is everyone doing on the tea? I was at wally world tonight and noticed that there's a new gum called "green tea" (what else!). It said on the package that by chewing 2 pieces, it's the equalivient of a cup of green tea. I didn't have the guts to try it but I can't help wondering what it might taste like. If any of you try it, please let me know how it tastes and if it works.
  8. Jack_Berry
    diet, DETTTT??? that is a four letter word. stop it. actully gracie and i are doing the same. i just dicovered the social group section and we are having hot green tea right now.

    gracie got me on a new eating style(never say diet) thru her accupuncturist/hearalist. it starts with no white sugar or whte flour. it is tuff. lots of veggies and protein thru tofu and garbonzo beans.

    b'fast is half a baked sweet potato after a nice cleansing drink of fresh squeezed lemon juice. the potato is 15 min after the juice. the juice works on the liver cleaning it out and causing........better regularity. no need for the evercleanse according to arthur the a/h. candied ginger, one slice, to help digestion. brown rice is a good source for b complex. instead of iron pills use black strap molasses. tart cherry juice, one spoonful a day is good for the kidneys & preventing stones. there is way more stuff. if you want to know pm either of us and i will get gracie cracking on summaring the notes.
  9. TeamSamuels
    Hello everyone! This group seemed rather interesting! We love green tea! instead of sugar we just use 2 spoons of honey. We have rather strict eating habits ourselves. We usually have a bowl of cereal for breakfast. We don't drink milk so we use Silk Soy milk. For Lunch we usually have some fresh veggies and a cup of instant Miso soup. Dinner usually ends up being a sandwich, miso, and veggies.

    We don't eat much meat. Most of our protein comes from Vitamins. We also don't drink any soda. We buy bottled water like they are going to stop making it! We do find that the various powder packets for bottled water come in handy. They have no sugar and many come vitamin fortified!

    We do not DIET...lol We just maintain a GOOD diet!

  10. Wingnut
    I do not have the dicipline, will power, or stomach to eat healthy like Jack_Berry and TeamSamuels do. I commend all of you who can & do!! My hubby just started back on the green tea a couple of weeks ago and just now noticed that he's starting to lose weight. He's also noticed that he doesn't snack between meals and he eats a fraction at mealtime that he used to.
    TeamSamuels: what is miso soup? I've enver heard of it before.
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