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    Trucker Log Chek Calculator

    What other device(s) beside this one JJ Keller and other's sell performs a satisfactory job in showing how to stay HOS compliant.


    Be Well!


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    RE: Trucker Log Chek Calculator

    I do not really know? But I do keep up with the math everyday on the RECAPP. I use just the little green hourly ruler and from start I go over and make a slash at 14 thus I must be finished by and keep track of my 11 hours. Include your breaks, PTIs, fuel and loads it usually comes to around 13 hours on a 600 mile run.

    Scientific? NO. Inexpensive and keeps me out of trouble.

    My system is simple, but I am sure others is better. I have never gotten a violation from my office, so I am doing something right.

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    RE: Trucker Log Chek Calculator

    I use a program called "Drivers daily log" You can find it at www.driversdailylog.com Great software. Do your logs on your laptop, will tell you if you have violations, and keep your books. I have not failed an inspection since using this software and have had positive feed back from DOT inspectors.

    You can download a 30 day copy for free, The wife and I ran it with paper logs in the begining to see if it would work out for us. One note, if you use this, there are DOT inspectors that get a bit upset if you do not have 7 days printed out (I have heard, but haven't had this problem myself)

    Check it out and see if it works for you.

    Be safe out there


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    RE: Trucker Log Chek Calculator

    I agree with RKKI


    I got it I use it and I dont have any trouble with the DOT
    In fact when I tell them its on the computer they dont even bother me on logs, as they know they are right.

    Have a safe one

    And yupper Print the puppies each day and no worries


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    RE: Trucker Log Chek Calculator

    Well I am trying to decide what software to go with, DDL is somewhat conveluted with its licensing and i am inclined not to use it becuase of it. I pay $95 for the software and then have buy a subcription at $40 a year?

    The idea of convinence is the reason I am buying the software package in the first place.

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