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    need 500,000 cargo insurance on cargo vans

    KW Express
    o/o till i die

    Anyone know who can write a $500,000 cargo insurance policy for cargo van only operation?
    o/o till I die.

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    RE: need 500,000 cargo insurance on cargo vans

    I insure thru Farm Bureau. They insure a lot of farm machinery that travel on the rds.so this is commercial ins.

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    RE: need 500,000 cargo insurance on cargo vans

    i got mine thru (transport ins) in ohio...talk to lisa i think thay have an add on this site...very good rates...little over 700 a year.......randy

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    RE: need 500,000 cargo insurance on cargo vans

    Both of these companies specialize in Expedite Truck Insurance:

    [link:cis.expeditersonline.com/|Commercial Insurance Solutions]

    [link:tia.expeditersonline.com|Transport Insurance Agency ]

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