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    Does anyone know of a GOOD cb radio shop

    I need to get my radio checked out and maybe new antenna and cable run. I rarely use it however I do need it to work well when I'm at a shipper. I see shops at various places along the highways but don't want to just take pot luck if I can help it. Thanks for any and all referrals.

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    RE: Does anyone know of a GOOD cb radio shop

    The guy in Anna, Oh., Exit 99, I-75, has been there for at least 20 years. I did some business with him in the late 80's and early 90's and was'nt disappointed. He's gone from a small trailer to a big building with 2 bays. I have'nt been in the new facility but it looks impressive. He must be doing something right.

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    RE: Does anyone know of a GOOD cb radio shop

    There is an excellant C-B shop at the Shell Truck Stop in Madison, WI exit 132 across the interstate from the T/A . Good tech guys but they will not install any "Noise Toys"

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    RE: Does anyone know of a GOOD cb radio shop

    Well I can't recomend any shop in particular and I'm also in need of a good shop, so keep the posts coming with the good shops and who knows maybe I'll be next to one someday.

    The reason I'm posting is to let everyone know of a bad/rip off shop and it's located at exit 16 0n I-24 in Ky.

    Just thought I'd let everyone know about a bad one too! he did real sh..y work and over charged me and loosened up my antennas trying to make me think I needed new ones which he'd be more than happy to replace for about a $100.00............go figure!

    So now I'm making sure his dishonesty bites his own butt!
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    RE: Does anyone know of a GOOD cb radio shop

    I had my radio work done at the Petro in West Memphis, Exit 5 and am very satified with them and there prices. Happy Holidays ..Butch:D :D :D

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    RE: Does anyone know of a GOOD cb radio shop

    If you are having problems already, could just be a bad ground.
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    RE: Does anyone know of a GOOD cb radio shop

    Trexler CB shop Allentown, PA. next to the Trexler Plaza. Very reliable- set me up with a TV antenna, similar to the V' shaped ones in form only. Best reception yet, if you are in an area with channels. Theses are 2' long like radio antennas.
    His advice on a good CB for the $ was spot as well (Cobra 25). He can tweak it for $25 for full power- fine the way it is. I just have one Francis wand and now people can hear me- no adjustments...

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    RE: Does anyone know of a GOOD cb radio shop

    P.S. Sounds like you're embarassed to admit you have one. Maybe if more of us "enlightened" drivers would talk to others, at least be polite and respond to other drivers and owners in the greater trucking environment, we wouldn't be looked upon as arrogant jerks.
    I have a lot of good conversations on the road and berate the idiots... Why shouldn't one work to clean up the airwaves?

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    RE: Does anyone know of a GOOD cb radio shop

    A good radio makes all the difference in the world.

    If you’re going to get work done on or buy a new radio, why not go the best in the US?

    Davemade is with out a doubt the best radio repair company in the US today. His web site is
    Make sure you turn down the volume!

    Good luck on trusting the right person to work on your radio.

    Happy Holidays!

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    RE: Does anyone know of a GOOD cb radio shop

    Exit 99 I 75 in Ohio. FANTASTIC

    OTR O/O

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    RE: Does anyone know of a GOOD cb radio shop

    If you're passing through the Grand Rapids MI area there is one just off 131. Exit off at 54th st and go east past Division. It's located in the strip mall on the far NE corner. The strip mall is on the SE corner of 54th and Division, but set back to the east. The locals swear by the guy.
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    RE: Does anyone know of a GOOD cb radio shop

    If it aint broke, keep fixin it till it is!

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