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    Problems contacting FedEx Recruiting

    I have been trying to contact FedEx recruiting for the last day or two with no success. I keep getting disconnected when trying to call their recruiting number (1-866-711-3599). I make it through the menus, then "You will now be connected" then a busy signal. Is anyone else having this issue? (maybe too many people calling.)

    I also cannot submit my information through the web page either. When I fill out the forms (Driver) and go to submit my information, I get a message that I have not chosen what type of vehicle I wish to drive. (I did, several time in fact!)

    I was wanting to get some additional information, but as of right now that just looks to me impossible. Maybe it is just me.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know or contact me.

    Jim & Judy
    FedEx Custom Critical
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    Re: Problems contacting FedEx Recruiting

    This is our guy and we think the world of him! Give him a try and see what is going on.

    Marc Hodge
    FedEx Custom Critical
    800-848-2613 phone
    877-839-0565 fax
    Straight Truck Dry Box O/O Leased Exclusively to FedEx Custom Critical

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    Re: Problems contacting FedEx Recruiting

    Call Eric Ambrus 888-294-1600 and email eric.ambrus@fedex.com

    I haven't had any problem talking to him the past two days

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